A Graphic Designer is responsible for taking a sound strategic approach to in-depth and broad- reaching design solutions from concept and development through final implementation for all media. Demonstrates a commitment to seeking creative solutions and advancing the level of design throughout the organization.
Designers create, craft, nurture and protect the visual expression of a brand. They are strategic thinkers, visual problem solvers, expert craftsman, brand consultants and guardians. As cross-functional collaborators, Designers partner with Creatives, Producers, Strategists and Analysts to bring an idea to life. Design can be used to inform, persuade, organize, stimulate, locate, identify, attract attention or engage emotional stimuli.

Job description
  • Ability to read and understand the design documentation in English.
  • Proficiency using graphics software Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Flash, Corel Draw, Flash, Video effects, web 2.0
  • Ability to work in teams, to work independently, under pressure, completing the assigned target on time.
  • Passionate about design, rich creative ideas, good aesthetics, able to develop a unique visual concepts
  • Handling images at the request of the company
  • Responsible for managing image data
  • Perform periodic reporting by week / month / quarter / year
  • Number of years of experience: not required
  • Minimum Level: Staff
  • Minimum Qualifications: College
  • Age: N/A
  • Salary: Negotiable
  • Hours: Flexible
  • Location: HCMC
  • Communicate speak and write good English
  • Good knowledge of image editing and retouch
  • Prioritize and experience to good use image processing tools Graphics
  • Ability to think creatively, design content analysis
  • Ability to travel and work abroad
  • Work skills: organization, management staff, all arranged pile of work arrangements
  • Work from Monday to Friday
  • Work in a professional environment, dynamic, regularly trained on new skills and technology
  • Income worthy according to ability
  • Many opportunities for advancement
  • To enjoy the full benefits according to state regulations: holidays, allowing Holidays.
  • Increase basic salary according to the company policy of 12 months / time
  • To enjoy social insurance, health insurance as prescribed by state
Profiles include
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Portfolio
  • Job Application
  • The degree certificates related
  • Apply online via mail:
  • Contact Mr. Nguyen MAI: +84505478488