Job Recruiting
We require top notch talent to propel our business forward. Are you passionate about photography, talented and hardworking? Are you a photographer with a love for architecture and details? We are looking for a full-time photographer, based in Saigon. We need a highly motivated, self-directed, experienced photographer who works well under pressure and can thrive in a start-up environment.

You must be comfortable working within existing style guide conventions but also have a strong sense of design. Successful candidates will provide a strong portfolio and be able to effectively manage multiple tasks and projects without sacrificing quality.

We offer competitive wages, an excellent benefit package and flexible work hours. We are an equal opportunity employer.

Job description

Photography projects by companies providing

  • Handling images at the request of the company
  • Responsible for managing image data
  • Perform periodic reporting by week / month / quarter / year
  • Number of years of experience: not required
  • Minimum Level: Staff
  • Minimum Qualifications: College
  • Age: N/A
  • Salary: Negotiable
  • Hours: Flexible
  • Location: HCMC
  • Communicate speak and write good English
  • Understand techniques panorama photography, architecture, HDR / HDRI
  • Prioritize and experience to good use image processing tools Graphics
  • Ability to travel and work abroad
  • Work skills: organization, management staff, all arranged pile of work arrangements
  • Work from Monday to Friday
  • Work in a professional environment, dynamic, regularly trained on new skills and technology
  • Income worthy according to ability
  • Many opportunities for advancement
  • To enjoy the full benefits according to state regulations: holidays, allowing Holidays ….
  • Increase basic salary according to the company policy of 12 months / time
  • To enjoy social insurance, health insurance as prescribed by state
Profiles include
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Pofolio
  • Job Application
  • The degree certificates related
  • Apply online via mail:
  • Contact Mr. Nguyen MAI: Tel.: +84905478488